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DVR Time Calculator


Select your configuration from the pull down menus or manually enter alternate write in values.

  Hard drive size  
Frames per second per camera
Number of cameras
Total frames per second must be within device limits fps x cameras =
Model Number digital frame size =Kb
Hours a Day to Record  
Total K per sec  
Total K per hour  
Hours per hard drive  
  Days per hard drive    


This calculator is used to estimate the number of day's a system will store under a varying of configurations.

The size and resolution of the digital frame is another consideration of these calculations which is based on a 320X240 resolution.
If you want to switch your resolution to a 640x480 you may divide your frames per second performance results by 2.

Please note there are many variables which will result in different storage times.
Manufacture, compression Ratios, Frames per second and more
This is a quick calculator which is fairly accurate especially for our products.

Please reference the original manufactures documentation before making a purchased based on these numbers.

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