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Protech 16ch 480 fps D1 DVR Board H.264 - Security Camera World

Protech 16ch 480 fps D1 MPEG4 DVR Board

Protech 16ch 480 fps D1 DVR Board H.264

Configuration Options

30fps per camera 480 Display & Record Full D1 & Hardware MPEG 4 Compression (Upgraded Features)

Product Details
  • Hardware MPEG-4 CODEC
  • Hardware compression provides PC with Low CPU Load for Recording Real Time
  • 16 channel camera input (NTSC/PAL)
  • 16 audio channels
  • Fast and easy data search
  • Schedule management
  • Automatic data backup
  • Movement detection and sensor activation
  • Supports RS-232/422/485 for Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Automatic system restoration on power failure
  • Sound recording and support for two-way voice communication
  • 1 TV-Out port
  • Various modes of multi-view Screen (1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 32 Multi-view screen)
  • E-mail Event Alert, IP Address Dispatch (for use with dynamic IP)
  • Control of multi-systems from a remote location (DVR-Net)
  • Support for Internet Explorer ActiveX remote monitoring, Windows Mobile and iPhone
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Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista optional
Camera Inputs
16 Channels (NTSC/PAL)
Sound Inputs
16 Channels
Sensor Inputs
16 Channels
Relay Outputs
8 Channels
Composite Output
2 Channel (NTSC/PAL, switching)
Max. Display Speed
480 Frames/sec (NTSC)
400 Frames/sec (PAL)
Max. Recoding Speed
480 Frames/sec (NTSC)
400 Frames/sec (PAL)
NTSC - 704x480 704x240 352x240
PAL - 352x288, 704x288, 704x576
DVR Software
ProTech-DVR, ProTech-Net, ProTech-Web
  • Storage of High Quality Image Data
    Using proprietary MPEG-4 Codec, a technology developed by our company, you can compress real-time image quickly without the noise and screen distortion.
  • Automatically recording upon detecting of moving image
    By the motion detection and the sensor trigger, the moving image can be recorded automatically.
  • All Protech DVRs come with two channels of audio recording. Platinum DVRs have the same number of audio channels as video channels.
    Example 16 ch Platinum series DVRs have 16 channels for Video as well as 16 Audio channels for recording.
  • Two way communication
    Two ways of communication between DVR main and Remote PC is possible.
  • Various Modes of Multi-view Screen (1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 32 Multi-view Screen)
    Customize your monitor to get the most comfortable view that fits your needs.
  • Control of Camera Pan/Tilt
    By having direct access to the pan/tilt control unit of each camera, you can control each one to your specific needs, not to mention the Zoom/Focus controls.
  • Image Color Control
    Control the color of the image, make it brighter or darker for example, and create the view that fits your needs.
  • Surveillance of Connected Networks
    When DiViS-Net or Web makes a connection, the program records its IP address to make identification possible.
  • Enlargement of Camera Views
    Just double-click on the screen to make a specific camera screen larger, and even fill the whole screen.
  • Display of Current Camera Status, Storage Status
    Image icons display when a camera malfunctions, and storage status can be checked real-time accurately.
  • Control of the Relay Outputs
    Relay outputs can be set to activate automatically when an event occurs, and it can also be activated by the controller at desired times.
  • Auto notification upon emergency
    On the event of occurrence, detected by sensor and motion detection, you can send this message by mail or by notification to the manager.
  • Emergency Recording
    All of a sudden, you've encountered some event to be recorded definitely though it has been not recording as pre-schedule. You can record it by pressing this emergency recording button.


  • Quickly Search the Desired Data
    Only a few mouse clicks are what you need to find your data.
  • Sound Search
    If the image and sound data, recorded, are present, when you search the image data you can get sound search as well.
  • Smart Search
    Sometimes it may be difficult to search something in the huge amount of recorded data files. At this moment, you can converge these data by sorting with a few of parameter. The parameter includes date, time, camera, motion rate.
  • Various Modes of Multi-view Screen (1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 16 Multi-view Screen)
    Search through various camera views at the same time, and compare the various recorded image of a certain time period.
  • Easy Search Controls
    The numerous control options (forward/backward play, play by image, go to beginning/end, play speed control) make searching easier.
  • Improve Image Quality
    You can enlarge, clarify, etc., to improve the quality of any part of any image of your choice.
  • Print Out Images, Create Image Files and Store as AVI Files
    You can separately store and print out any image, and store data as AVI files, a convenient option to use when you need to extract a certain time period for reports.
  • Image Watermark
    All image are watermarked, to prevent editing on another image editing software.


  • Safe Filing System
    Choose the driver to store and manage your database to safely file all your data.
  • Basic System Settings
    Options for allowing network access, start-up screen, sound recording, log print, Watchdog, event alert through E-mail, and much more can be set to your choice.
  • Basic Camera Settings
    The name, Pan/Tilt, Pre/Post alarm recording option, recording modes, transmission modes, picture quality when storing/transmitting image, size of stored image, security of image, frames of stored image, and much more can be set for each camera.
  • Schedule Management
    Choose the specific days of the week, the time periods for recording, and choose from various recording modes (full-time, sensor activation, motion detection, sensor activation&motion detection, normal&event) to customize your working environment.
  • Color & Motion Detection Settings
    Control the color ratios of the stored image. Also, control the sensitivity of motion detection, and even choose to detect from a specific part of the image.
  • Sensor Settings
    Choose the type of sensor to use, and choose the camera that will activate with each one.
  • Management Control
    Create as many management IDs as you require, and control the power each ID will have, to make collateral management easy.
  • Automatic Backup feature
    Protech DVRs can be configured to perform automatic/instantaneous backups your video database. This is accomplished by first configuring additional storage to archive the video, whether it is internal or external hard drives, USB or network drives. Then, a backup schedule is developed.

    You can schedule back ups to happen automatically at any time or day you specify, You can back up all cameras or select specific cameras for back up. The backup storage needed is based on your DVRs recording partion size. If your DVR was configured with a 500Gb hard drive for video recording you will need 500Gb backup hard drive.

    Common Applications
    Automated Security Surveillance
    Uses for automatic security surveillance (banks, buildings, factories, warehouses, apartments, parking lots, etc.)

    Management and Surveillance of Trespassers
    Uses for places with needs of management and surveillance of large crowds of people (hotels, casinos, department stores, large supermarkets, etc.)
    Management and Surveillance of Branch Stores
    Uses for needs of management and surveillance of each branch store from a remote location. (chain stores, agencies, etc.)
    Advertisement Possibilities for Companies and Private Schools
    Uses for advertisement or educational needs of Companies and Private Schools using real-time camera image on the internet. (companies, schools, private schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions, etc.)

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Protech 16ch 480 fps D1 DVR Board H.264


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