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4 Camera D1 DVR Complete Kit - Security Camera World

4 Camera D1 DVR Complete Kit

4 Camera D1 DVR Complete Kit

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SCW-HVR2804 Complete Kit:
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Product Details
  • Adopting TI high-performance processing chip, supporting D1 real-time recording.
  • Supporting both HDMI and VGA video output, the resolution of the video output up to 1920x1080
  • Supporting backup the recording files via USB HDD, U disks, external connected eSATA.
  • Supporting protocol such as TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, UPNP, NTP, SMTP etc.
  • Supporting super password, hardware reset.
  • Supporting Tablet PC, smart mobile phones (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Andriod, Symbian) to monitoring.
  • Supporting timing recording, motion alarm recording, alarm recording, manual recording and other recording modes.
  • Supporting RS485 communication protocol.
  • Supporting motion alarming, video loss alarming and other alarming modes.
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The latest high-definition DVR which were produced by Savvytech. Adopting the latest TI high-performance processing chip, video compression format H.264 ,supporting both HDMI and VGA video output, the resolution of the video output up to 1920 * 1080, besides, you can connect to the external eSATA large capacity hard disk for storage. Supporting Tablet PC (Windows Mobile), smart mobile phones (Blackberry, iPhone, Andriod, Symbian) to monitoring, and can be widely used in various fields of banking, telecommunications, power, justice, transportation, residential, factories, warehouses, water conservancy facilities.

Drivers & Manuals

Mode SCW-HVR2804 SCW-HVR2808 SCW-HVR2816
Preview D1
Recording Resolution D1
Playback Resolution D1
Playback Sync 4ch D1 4ch D1 16ch D1
Audio Input 4ch RCA 4ch RCA 16ch RCA
Audio Output 1ch RCA
Video Input 4ch BNC 8ch BNC 16ch BNC
Video Output VGA*1? HDMI*1(1920*1080)
485 Interface   1  
IR Remote Control Support
SATA Interface 1pcs 2TB 1pcs 2TB 2pcs 4TB
Esata Interface 1pcs
USB 2.0 Interface 2
Power Supply DC12V/2A DC12V/2A DC12V/5A
Power Consumption 24W
Working Temperature -20?—55?
Monitoring by Phone Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, blackberry, Android
Network 1 RJ45 10M/100M/1000M
Dimension 300(W)*50(H)*220(D)
Weight 1.254Kg


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4 Camera D1 DVR Complete Kit


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