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NuuTech 16 NDVR for up to 16 Analog and 8 IP Channels - 40GB-SSD-OS - Security Camera World

NuuTech 16 NDVR for up to 16 Analog 
8 IP Channels - 40GB-SSD-OS

NuuTech 16 NDVR for up to 16 Analog and 8 IP Channels* - High Performance & Availability Solid State Drive for OS

Hard Drive:


IP Camera Licenses:


Product Details

IP camera licenses are not included and must be purchased separately
  • Intel Sandy Bridge Dual Core CPU
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel High Performance Solid State Drive for OS
  • 1TB Storage of high quality image data
  • Intel HD Graphics with Dual Monitor Support (VGA+DVI)
  • 20x DVD Writer (optional external)
  • Windows 7
  • Rackmount Chassis 4U Case
  • Mouse and Keyboard Included
  • 16 channel camera input (NTSC/PAL)
  • 16 audio channels
  • 480 fps@ 720x480 D1 display, CIF recording H.264
  • *Support for hybrid configurations with up to 8 IP cameras by purchasing additional IP camera licenses (optional)
  • 2 Yrs. Limited Manufacturer Warranty

State Drive
NuuTech16 Brochure


  • Smart Guard video analytics and instant responses
  • Intelligent search for easy locating of recordings
  • Real-Time AV Multi-events viewer and filter
  • Counting application for people and traffic control
  • Instant Playback functions and Video Quality Enhancement Tools
  • PTZ reaction presets and distance operations, Digital PTZ and multi-dynamic viewer
  • Automatic system restoration on power failure
  • Schedule management and various modes of multi-view Screen
  • Control of multi-systems from a remote location (optional when used with Central Management Software)
  • Support for Internet Explorer ActiveX remote monitoring, Android and iPhone

Hybrid Custom Configuration

The capability in supporting over 300 cameras from over 20 leading network camera manufactures, including ACTI, Arecont Vision, Axis, Canon, Cieffe, D-link, Etrovision, IQinVision, JVC, Level one, Lumenera, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Planet, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek, Zavio, and more.


Surveillance Solution
This function allows the user to edit selected channels, examine channel histories, and search for suspects on one monitor, while the system goes about monitoring the location on another monitor, uninterruptedly. Use the counting application to control people entering a building or traffic flow in a parking lot. Instant responses to the "Smart Guard" detections in 6 ways. It also reacts to associated I/O detector devices, and system health.
- On monitor display
- Audio alert
- Email sending
- Visual signal siren
- 3GPP devices connections
- PTZ function presets
Experience the privilege and convenience of network solution.
NVR provides a wild range of flexibility in integrating with associated I/O security devices.
Simple and user-friendly setups for surveillance cameras to guard anytime, on any objects. Easy access to examine recorded video with adjustable frame rates. Playback - Narrow down the search of various passed events. Accurately search for desired footage within the selected motion mode and environments areas.
Intelligent Search - Easy management saves time. Select a suspicious period of frames from hours of video footage and watch those frames only.
Adjust video visibility, sharpness, brightness, contracts, and grayscales. Enhance the video resolution for a clear accurate view of suspects.


Drivers & Manuals

NVR & Hybrid Based - Data Sheets
Nuutech-16-NDVR Brochure

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NuuTech 16 NDVR for up to 16 Analog 
8 IP Channels - 40GB-SSD-OS Intel-5-Year-Shield-only.jpgfps-nuutech-16.jpg


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